P.11 Painters Eleven


William Ronald

William Ronald (Smith) was born in Stratford, Ontario in 1926. He studied painting at Ontario College of Art between the years 1947 - 1951. In
1952 he worked with Jock MacDonald
and Hans Hofmann in New York City. Ronald played a crucial role in the establishment of the Painters Eleven, exhibiting with them in Toronto, 1953-1955, and New York in 1956. But as Jack Bush recalled, "Bill Ronald got fed up with Toronto completely. He wanted it here. He was a furious and angry young man in those days - and what a painter!" Ronald eventually left group to live in New York City where he worked on contract for the Kootz Gallary until 1964. Upon his returned to Toronto he continued to paint and work as a broadcaster. William Ronald died in Barrie, Ontario in 1998.

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