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Oscar Cahen

Oscar Cahén was a born in Copenhagen, Denmark in the year 1916 and only later moved to Canada to continue to pursue his career as a professional artist.

Before moving to Canada he studied design, illustration and painting in Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and Czechoslovakia. He completed a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Kunstakadame in Dresden and then took on a teaching position as an instructor of design and illustration at the Rotter School in Prague.

Forced out of pre-war Germany due to Anti-Nazi activities, Cahén came to Canada and started freelancing for The Standard and The National Film Board. He was appointed the Art Director of Magazine Digest and then moved to Toronto in 1943 just as his work was achieving critical acclaim. Oscar Cahén officially became a Canadian citizen in 1946. Tragically he was killed in a motor vehicle accident in Oakville, Ontario.

Oscar Cahen

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