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Jock Macdonald

J.W.G. (Jock) McDonald was born in Thurso, Scotland in 1897. He began his arts education at the Edinburgh College of Art in 1922. In 1926 Jock moved to Vancouver to become head of design at the Vancouver School of Decorative
and Applied Arts.

Jock was heavily influenced by the Group of Seven as he was sketching with Varley between 1927-1934. After 1934 his work took a turn towards abstraction as he became increasingly interested in twentieth century art, particularly the work of Kandinsky, Klee, and Miro. Between 1945-1946 he taught at the Banff School of Fine Arts and was then appointed as a teacher at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto from 1947-1960. At the Ontario College of Art Jock taught a number of the artists who were later to work with him in Painters Eleven. It wasn’t until in 1948 that MacDonald fully realized his greatest imaginative power, infusing surrealist elements into his work, and produced his most significant body of work.

In 1956 he travelled to New York City to attend the American Abstract Artists show and William Ronald's exhibition. He became an official and active member of the Painters Eleven from 1954-1960. During the summers he taught at the Doon School of Fine Arts, Kitchener, Ontario. Jock died in Toronto in 1960.




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